Thanks for stopping by! Whether you are interested in me taking your photos, or you just really like my creative side, I appreciate it! Photography is something that has brought me the most joy in life, so that’s exactly why I’ve stuck with it. I like to capture natural and raw moments. I don’t like posed photos, I like things more in the moment and how they actually happen. I really enjoy shooting landscapes, but people are probably my first love when it comes taking to photos. Since moving to Oregon, I’ve started using some film, disposable cameras, and polaroids.


A little bit more about me… I was born in ‘95. Currently I live in Bend, Oregon, but I am born and raised Texan. I love to travel, I’m vegan, and making new friends and spending time outdoors is freaking sweet. I’m a very minimalistic person and I really like keeping things simple! If you want to talk photos, please email me so we can book a session. I hope we can make something work together!